I worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency and at the same time I studied Bingata, the Okinawan art of dyeing and stenciling kimono. After mastering the techniques I used them to paint mainly flowers.
Afterwards I used stencilIng techniques to paint mainly wild flowers.


1991:    Watashi no stenciling tukuri
           Published by Bunkashuppankyoku
I then began stenciling wild flowers and held an exhibition.
1995:     Moved from Tokyo to Nasu to live in the countryside.
1996:    First exhibition at Tamagawa Takashimaya Art salon
1996~2017 Exhibitions every year in Japan:

 Tamagawa Takashimaya
Daimaru Kobe,  
Arte Giappone in Milan etc…

Watashi no stencil tukuri

Morito Kusabanano stencil Tukuri

Stencil  de Watashi


Omoikkiri stencil

Nihonno motif wo ikashita

stencil tukuri


My life’s work is oneness. I get ideas from the natural world and thank nature for the inspiration it gives me. My ideas come from all of nature - from trees, flowers and the cosmos. All of nature is in my art. I get a lot of surprise, interest and gladness from my work and from the people who visit my exhibitions. When someone encounters my work and likes it this is synchronicity and this is why I continue.